Weekly Summary

This week I worked on mash ups and remixes. At first it was a little hard having to learn how to use photoshop and other tools. I had to watch several video tutorials to learn how to create a photoshop picture.

For my first assignment that I created I made a tutorial  for how to use the  Preview application. I used this application to create several assignments for this semester so far, specially for the movie poster mash up assignment. I took screenshots of the important steps when it comes to annotating or adding text to an image.

For the second assignment I made, was movie mash up assignment. Just like the steps showed in the previous assignment showed, I did the steps listed to make this movie poster mash up. It was not hard at all since I have used Preview several times before.

For the third assignment I created was the Something Doesn’t Belong Here assignment. I enjoyed this assignment  a lot. I got to be creative and think of two similar movies that I could combine that would be hard to tell the difference between. Can you spot the difference or the thing that doesn’t belong in the photo?

For my fourth and final assignment I decided to do the Holiday Mashup assignment. I had fun creating this assignment. At first it was difficult because I wasn’t sure how to use photoshop or Pixlr.com. But once I learned the steps to mash up the photos into one, it was a breeze.

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