Week 9 Summary

This week went well. I was a little worried at first that that the web remix assignment would be a little difficult. But it was actually pretty simple and fun to do! I used the X-ray googles tool to edit and create my page. For the Web design projects I decided to do the Dream Room assignment. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to use Pintrest which is every girls favorite pastime. I loved being able to express my taste and interest when it comes to my dream home. I think that it allowed the class to experience a little more of what I am like. My other web assignment creation was the DS106 Ghost assignment. I had to go and find old DS106 assignments and recreate them to fit my personality and put my own touch on the assignment. I got to show off my wonderful job in this assignment which I am glad that I got to do. I also enjoyed the Best of DS106 assignment. I loved being able to go back and look at other classmates assignments and pick 3 of my favorites. I am glad that I got to give credit and praise when it was due for all of the hard work the entire class as put forth this semester. Lastly I ┬áposted a blog about my reflection for┬áthe radio show Agents on Air. I won’t write what my thoughts about the radio show was, since that is reflected in the blog post itself. However I enjoyed being able to write about the great work that was put forth by this group. I enjoyed listening to their radio show and hearing the differences between their show and my show Cloak and Dagger. Great work everyone!

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