Week 11 Summary

This week was a little stressful for me. I was in a car accident on Sunday and have been dealing with insurance stuff all week regarding my injuries, car and rental car. I know that I am missing an assignment or two, unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete everything with everything else going on.

I did complete the video assignments. The first assignment that I did was the college collage assignment. This project was fun for me because I was able to relive a lot of old college memories that I haven’t thought about in a while just by looking through old pictures (and by old I mean at most 4 years old).

My next assignment was the “Pay Homage” assignment. I decided to do this assignment not only because I love animals but because my secret agent character Scarlet Jones also loves animals and is a veterinarian, so I found this to be the perfect assignment. I was able to make this video (as well as the college collage video) by using iMovie.

The other video assignment that I created was the Reliving a Memory assignment. For this video I had my roommate Stephanie, recreate her least favorite memory. Even thought it is a pretty recent memory, the dislike for it is still relevant. I simply used my phone to make this video. I was also able to practice my angle techniques because she actually had me shoot the video 2 different times because she didn’t like the angle the first video was at.


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