Week 10 Summary

Week 10 is complet! I didn’t know what really to expect this week. I decided to chose the option of doing the video assignments over another group project simply because it fit better with my schedule. So for my first video assignment I did the 1 Second Video assignment. I like this assignment because it allowed me to show what its like for me on a typical Thursday night, having to chose between homework and the new Grey’s Anatomy. Clearly with Grey’s Anatomy winning. For my second assignment I did the Angles Software assignment. I found this assignment to be useful because I think it will help to aid others when learning how to do certain task for their projects. For my final video assignment I chose to do the Movie Review¬†¬†option. I liked this assignment because it was fun to play movie critic for a day.

I also had to do an agent interview assignment where I answered a series of 7 questions as my secret agent character. This assignment was fun and something different that we haven’t done so far this semester. My final assignment for the week was the video essay assignment. I liked being able to read the articles that went along with this project. They helped me to learn some new features and techniques that are involved in creating the perfect video.

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