Video Essay

For this assignment I decided to use the trailer for the 2007 movie Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew is one of my favorite spies of all time and I think that my secret agent character and her connect in a lot of way. I used the techniques learned about after reading the articles posted in the assignment page. I thought that it may be over whelming to focus on all of the techniques listed so I decided to focus on a few in particular. One of those being angles. I showed clips of up close angles as well as over the shoulder angles and explained how and why these techniques can be effective in a movie. I also focused on lighting and how the lighting can provide contrast  and also cut and angle when the director wants it to focus on something in particular.

I enjoyed reading the articles posted on the assignment  page. I think that it provided a great inside source of what it takes to make movies and shows. Things that I never even knew or considered. I found the examples that were provided to us very helpful and insightful.


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