The Final Mission

Hello agents! This is secret agent Scarlet Jones with a final write up about my final mission as a DS106 Agent. I have worked hard and endlessly on this case and am proud to share my reports and finding with you. A you all know, I recently accepting a case out in Russia to unearth a double agent that we had amongst us. This  video below is something that has never been seen before. I left it incase I wasn’t able to return home in the hopes that it would be useful to those that were trying to find me. However, I have returned home safely and I would like to share this video with y’all so I can take you through a crash course of what happened on this mission.


I have since travelled to Russian and was able to dig up some information on this imposter.  It turns out that the double agent, Agent Zero as he is called, has been working with his Canadian mistress to send top secret information from our intelligence agency over to the Canadian intelligence agency. He has since fled to Russia to seek refuge. Luckily for me I was able to team up with Agent Fox to help bring down Agent Zero and his mistress.

Above is a mid way report that I was able to record and send back to headquarters to give them as an update on my progress. I decided to make a sound clip while I was in Russia so that I could immediately send it to my headquarters with an update of my case. I figured it would be easier then sending it through mail since I got the hint that I may be being followed and or watched.

Since then I have been able to uncover more information. It turns out that Agent Zero got a new identity upon his arrival to Russian. He and his mistress have adopted the new identity as goat photographers. They adopted this identity to try to through every off their trackers! But I am too good for them! I located their whereabouts thanks to the help of Agent Fox and his team.  I even have a few images of them conspiring together on their next double agent mission. Apparently  they were planning on taking the files and cases that he swiped from our headquarters while acting as a double agent and handing them over to the Canadian Secret Service.

















You can clearly see Agent Zero and his mistress conversing about their ideas and their schemes. I had to be sly so that I would not be caught. Who knows what would have happened to me if that were the case.

It is 1 week later and I can successfully tell you that with this hard core evidence I was able to bring down Agent Zero and his sneaky little mistress. Both of them are currently being held in a detention center in Moscow with my partner on the case Agent Fox. Thanks to his help, we were able to expose the double agent and bring him to justice. This way we were also able to prevent him from leaking any further information to his Canadian sources.



Final Weekly Summary!

I absolutely loved this final project! I had such a fun time with it and was able to be so creative. I based my story line off of items 1 and 2 that were given to us in the prompt. From there I brainstormed some ideas and created a story about my final mission to Russia. I was able to use some of the information from my twitter polls in the story line as well such as Agent Zero’s new cover being a goat photographer.

For my three means of media I decided to use video, audio and visual. I think that with these three types of media I was able to get a variety of different aspects about my story and was able to bring new and exciting elements to the final mission. I tried to include some of the stuff that we learned through the weeks of the semester when doing my different media post. For example in the visual media I tried to capture things like light, depth, and contrast in my photos. This way I can show case some of the information I learned through the course. I also tried to make the images appear as though I was hiding when capturing the images. So I took them from behind trees and bushes to make them seem more realist; like how photo evidence would appear in a real secret agent case.

My favorite part about doing this project was being able to use my Kia hamster cut out as Agent Zero in my visual media section. It was perfect because he is dressed like a secret agent would be. My roommate (who is pictured as the mistress) dressed up in a similar fashion and we had a fun little photo shoot around the backyard. I think by doing this and having my Kia hamster cut out act as Agent Zero it gave my project a bit of edge and made it more fun and creative. I also just love that he fits with the theme of the project!

This weekly summary also includes my blog post with advice for future students . I hope that they find this advice helpful and take the class seriously but don’t forget to have fun and be open to new ideas!

I have really enjoyed this class this semester and have learned a lot! I can definitely use some of my knew knowledge and skills in both the professional world and my personal life. Thank you so much Professor Bonds for all of the fun and creative activities that I was able to do this semester!




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