Radio Show Reflection

I decided to tune in and listen to the radio show ‘Agents on Air”. I really liked the beginning of the show. I think that they had a great opening hook! I loved the sounds and the music. Great opener. I also loved that they had 4 different agents on the air and used this like talk show platform. I also liked how each agent introduced themselves so that we could learn their personalities and interest. I felt like I was listening to a radio version of The View.

I found that the bumpers and commercials were really cute and catchy! They sounded just like actually radio ads!

Another thing that I liked was that they asked for advice from the other agents. It gave the show a more lifelike appearance. I also liked that they asked for the audience to live tweet their advices to certain agents! What a great way to get the audience engaged.

I really liked Agents on Air. Great job Agent Fawn, Agent Reveal, Agent Zero and Agent, Jones!

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