Polling Results

And the results are in! For my twitter polls I asked questions about Agent Zero and Agent Kid. I used my questions to help me try to figure out how to incorporate this information into a storyline that I will later need for the final mission. The first poll that I did was about Agent Kid.

For this poll I was able to determine why Agent kid dognapped the dog. The options were that he needed the dog for a sidekick or that he was seeking revenge. With a vote of 4 to 2 it has been determined that Agent Kid took the dog for the purpose of dognapping for revenge. Maybe the Kid as some explaining to do? Stay tuned for the next mission to find out more information on this one.

My second twitter poll was about agent Zero. For this poll I asked the question ” What should agent Zeros new cover identity be?”. The options were Traveling elephant trainer, mouse whisperer or goat photographer. Option C, goat photographer, one with 67% percent of the votes.

I enjoyed doing this polling assignment because it was something that I have never done before. I have seen people posting polls on twitter before about stuff like “where should I eat for dinner” or “what is a good show to watch on Netflix” but Ive never actually done a twitter poll myself before. I honestly never really even knew how to do them. I also really enjoyed this assignment because I got to read other peoples creative and funny polls. I tried to take part and vote in as many as I could. I enjoyed reading them and got a good laugh out of a few, so it wasn’t that bad to do. I am now excited to take my responses and form them into a storyline for my final mission.

Stay tuned DS106!

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