Movie Review

For my final assignment I decided to do the Plinkett Review assignment. However instead of reviewing a movie, I decided to review a TV show instead. I decided to review the TV show Gilmore Girls, which is a shocker because everyone loves Gilmore Girls but surprisingly I don’t. I outlined some reasons why I am not a fan of the show in my videos which are uploaded at the bottom of this blog post, but pretty much the main reasons are the fast talking and the monolog acting and talking. It makes the show so bland to me.

When doing this project, I just found a video on Youtube that provided some good examples of the reasons listed about, played them on my computer and then paused them after the example was shown and from their, gave my critics. I am no where near a movie critic, so my judgments may be a little out there but thats the nice thing about this sort of assignment, its all based on personal opinions.

I liked being able to explain my reasonings and provide a few examples of why I am not a fan. I hope that y’all are able to clearly see my critics and why I feel that way. Enjoy the videos!



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