DS106 Ghost

For this assignment I hand to go through the history of DS106 and find an old assignment that I could redo and make my own. I decided to go with the assignment “Love is Something You Can’t Live a Day Without” from the DS106 fall 2016 course. I first found this assignment by googling #ds106 and then going through the assignments from previous semesters. I picked this one in particular because I liked the message that is conveyed.

I was able to turn this assignment into my own by adding a video of myself and local kids that I coach on the local USA Swim Team the RAYS. I am very passionate about swimming (I was once a former college swimmer) and the kids that I coach. What this video is, is me diving into the pool wearing a tutu and clothes because I lost a bet with one of the kids. I told him that if he went a particular time in one of his events I would do something silly, and this is what he chose as my punishment.

I love my job and I love the sport of swimming. I hope you enjoy this video and get a good chuckle out of it!



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