Dream Room

I loved this assignment! It was super fun for me because I enjoy browsing Pinterest on my spare time and getting ideas for my dream home (since I’m 22 and will be on my own and starting a family soonish). I have pretty simple taste. I like things to look nice and neat but also enjoy bold looks mixed in. I would say that my style is contemporary with a little bit of rustic chic. I like neutral colors but also enjoy a few pastels for tranquility.


I love this style of headboard. I love the big headboards with the tuft fabric. It is cozy and simple but also elegant and timeless.



I definitely want a window seat in my future bedroom. Or at least in on place in my house. I think that they are so calming and cozy. I can totally see myself relaxing with a cup of coffee in the window seat of my bedroom or living room on a rainy saturday morning.


This is the same picture as above but with a different view. I love the colors of the room. I definitely think I will be doing a neutral light blue or grey for my wall color and then using artwork and decorative pieces to bring color to the rest of the room.

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