Best of DS106

This semester has been filled with talent so far! Every week I like to take a few minutes to look at other class members blog post and see the work that they did for the week. Sometimes it helps to inspire me, and other times I just think that it’s fun to see what my classmates come up with.

There have been a few post that I have noticed throughout the semester that have stood out to me in particular. One of these was Spy Mashup. I thought that the creativity was really there and that it had great detail and technique. I could totally hear some of the themes/sounds from James Bond and other famous spy movies. Another great post was Phone Conversation with yourself. I really liked how Hannah used different accents to distinguish between the two different characters. It gave the piece a fun edge. I also liked the time length of it. I can tell that you really committed to this piece Hannah! The third piece that stood out to me was the Post Card assignment by Daniel. I especially like this one because one of the places my family is talking about visiting next is actually Scotland. So its kind of funny that you did this specific place Daniel. It made me actually want to go there more now!


Overall I think that the class as a whole has done a fantastic job so far this semester. Keep up the great work DS106!

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