Final Mission Progress Report

First off, I am very excited for my final mission! I have read over the information and I think this will be a fun a creative way to end the semester. I think that everything that we have worked on so far this semester has been a great way to prepare us for whats to come in the last week of the semester.

The first thing that I did was form my twitter poll questions around topics/themes/and ideas that I thought about using for my final mission. I tried to bring so fun and silliness into the questions but will end up incorporating them into a more serious theme. Clearly if you had not noticed from my questions, animals will definitely be involved in my final mission.

The digital media that I plan on using for this mission will definitely be audio, visual and either design or video or both design and video. I have some ideas that I’ve been working on. For the visual aspect of my final mission I plan on snapping some photos of certain “evidence” that goes with my storyline. I was also thinking about using either video or audio to do a recording as a cover just incase the recording falls into the wrong hands. This way it will act as a misdirection and throw the enemy off course. Of course I will be doing all of this as my secret agent Scarlet Jones.

I hope that I was able to entice you a little with the small description of my final mission.  I don’t want to give to much away so you will have to tune back in next week to see how everything turns out. I hope all of the agents out there are finishing up their final mission just a smoothly as I am here.

Over and Out!

Weekly Summary

This week I worked on mash ups and remixes. At first it was a little hard having to learn how to use photoshop and other tools. I had to watch several video tutorials to learn how to create a photoshop picture.

For my first assignment that I created I made a tutorial  for how to use the  Preview application. I used this application to create several assignments for this semester so far, specially for the movie poster mash up assignment. I took screenshots of the important steps when it comes to annotating or adding text to an image.

For the second assignment I made, was movie mash up assignment. Just like the steps showed in the previous assignment showed, I did the steps listed to make this movie poster mash up. It was not hard at all since I have used Preview several times before.

For the third assignment I created was the Something Doesn’t Belong Here assignment. I enjoyed this assignment  a lot. I got to be creative and think of two similar movies that I could combine that would be hard to tell the difference between. Can you spot the difference or the thing that doesn’t belong in the photo?

For my fourth and final assignment I decided to do the Holiday Mashup assignment. I had fun creating this assignment. At first it was difficult because I wasn’t sure how to use photoshop or But once I learned the steps to mash up the photos into one, it was a breeze.

Week 11 Summary

This week was a little stressful for me. I was in a car accident on Sunday and have been dealing with insurance stuff all week regarding my injuries, car and rental car. I know that I am missing an assignment or two, unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete everything with everything else going on.

I did complete the video assignments. The first assignment that I did was the college collage assignment. This project was fun for me because I was able to relive a lot of old college memories that I haven’t thought about in a while just by looking through old pictures (and by old I mean at most 4 years old).

My next assignment was the “Pay Homage” assignment. I decided to do this assignment not only because I love animals but because my secret agent character Scarlet Jones also loves animals and is a veterinarian, so I found this to be the perfect assignment. I was able to make this video (as well as the college collage video) by using iMovie.

The other video assignment that I created was the Reliving a Memory assignment. For this video I had my roommate Stephanie, recreate her least favorite memory. Even thought it is a pretty recent memory, the dislike for it is still relevant. I simply used my phone to make this video. I was also able to practice my angle techniques because she actually had me shoot the video 2 different times because she didn’t like the angle the first video was at.


Week 10 Summary

Week 10 is complet! I didn’t know what really to expect this week. I decided to chose the option of doing the video assignments over another group project simply because it fit better with my schedule. So for my first video assignment I did the 1 Second Video assignment. I like this assignment because it allowed me to show what its like for me on a typical Thursday night, having to chose between homework and the new Grey’s Anatomy. Clearly with Grey’s Anatomy winning. For my second assignment I did the Angles Software assignment. I found this assignment to be useful because I think it will help to aid others when learning how to do certain task for their projects. For my final video assignment I chose to do the Movie Review  option. I liked this assignment because it was fun to play movie critic for a day.

I also had to do an agent interview assignment where I answered a series of 7 questions as my secret agent character. This assignment was fun and something different that we haven’t done so far this semester. My final assignment for the week was the video essay assignment. I liked being able to read the articles that went along with this project. They helped me to learn some new features and techniques that are involved in creating the perfect video.

Week 9 Summary

This week went well. I was a little worried at first that that the web remix assignment would be a little difficult. But it was actually pretty simple and fun to do! I used the X-ray googles tool to edit and create my page. For the Web design projects I decided to do the Dream Room assignment. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to use Pintrest which is every girls favorite pastime. I loved being able to express my taste and interest when it comes to my dream home. I think that it allowed the class to experience a little more of what I am like. My other web assignment creation was the DS106 Ghost assignment. I had to go and find old DS106 assignments and recreate them to fit my personality and put my own touch on the assignment. I got to show off my wonderful job in this assignment which I am glad that I got to do. I also enjoyed the Best of DS106 assignment. I loved being able to go back and look at other classmates assignments and pick 3 of my favorites. I am glad that I got to give credit and praise when it was due for all of the hard work the entire class as put forth this semester. Lastly I  posted a blog about my reflection for the radio show Agents on Air. I won’t write what my thoughts about the radio show was, since that is reflected in the blog post itself. However I enjoyed being able to write about the great work that was put forth by this group. I enjoyed listening to their radio show and hearing the differences between their show and my show Cloak and Dagger. Great work everyone!

Weekly Summary

Overall I think that week 8 went well! My group finished our radio show and I enjoyed working with a different group of people and learning new digital media projects. My group met twice (one time online via video chat and one time in person) to go over details, style, format and to actually record our parts for the radio show. Each member stepped up and pulled their own weight for the project.

I enjoyed the daily creates this week. I think that I was able to show a little bit more of my personality to the class through the 2 daily creates that I chose to do.

Overall I think that week 8 was a success and I am excited to tackle week 9!

Week 7 Summary

This week went pretty good! I enjoyed all of my assignments and daily creates!   My first assignment was the assignment “The Day in the Life..”. In this assignment, viewers will get to learn even more about my character Scarlet Jones and what a typical day in her life would be like. I liked doing this assignment because I sort of used my life long goals and dreams to help create the story line. I guess this would mean that Scarlet Jones is a alter ego of me.

My next assignment was Guess That Song. For this we had to take the words out of our favorite song to see if the audience would be able to tell what song we used. I don’t really have a favorite song so I used one of current top songs “Rockabye”. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to guess.

My third assignment I entitled To Be or Not To Bee. I loved doing this assignment. I have always enjoyed creating poems and I thought that the challenging of using homophones made it that much more fun. I used sound cloud to upload my recording (created in audacity) and then embedded that post into my blog.

For my radio show I created two different blog post. The first one is talking about the progress for this first week of the assignment.  I think that my group is off to a really good start with this assignment. We’ve come up with some good ideas and seem to communicating well together. My second blog post was about the design for the radio show promo that I created.  My team and I had not gotten around to discussing the radio who bumper and or logo so I created one on my own using the name we talked about using “Cloak and Dagger” .

I am excited to see how the rest of the project turns out in the week following spring break. Hope everyone has a great! Spy Out for Week 7!

Weekly Summary

Hello Class and Professor!

This week I became sick and feel behind on a lot of my assignments both for this class and the other 5 I am also taking on campus. Trust me falling behind while taking 18 credits is not the best. However I managed to get all of my work finished just in time.

I found this week to be pretty excited! I was happy that I got to great my own secret agent character identity! I created Scarlet by using some dreams and personal preferences of my own while also trying to give her a kick-butt edge. I also really liked the fact that part of this weeks assignments was watching a movie. This was a nice thing to get to do on a sick day. My roommate even watched with me! I thought that I got to get a little more personal this week with some of the writing assignments I chose to do, especially the inspirational person piece.

I hope everyone else had a good week and watch out for whatever stomach bug is going around!

Week 2 Summary

I really enjoyed week two of the course! I liked being able to explore my creative skills but mostly I liked being able to look at other peoples finished products and use them to help gain some insight and ideas for future projects. I liked seeing all of the different potential assignments I will be able to try in the future. I also really enjoyed the fun and funny daily creates. I thought that a lot of them were good warm up practices for future assignments. This way we could get our feet wet and get an idea of how the rest of the semester will be.

I look forward to seeing the assignments and task for week 3 and getting more and more practice with digital storytelling!

Weekly Summary

I found my first week of this course to be very confusing. I am a visual learner so not having a lot of demonstrations made me very confused. I ended up going to the DKC for help and they were a big help. I learned how to set up different forms of media that I’ve never used before. I also learned that procrastination in this class is not acceptable! Registering my blog was probably the hardest and most confusing part of this first week. This is also the one task that drove me crazy. It took me almost 3 hours and help from the DKC to figure out the registration process.

I think that this course will be challenging but adventurous at the same time. I think that I will find it challenging from a time management stance  as well as a media stance as I do not consider myself tech savvy. I think that I will eventually get the hang of things and enjoy expanding my creative horizons.