Final Mission Progress Report

First off, I am very excited for my final mission! I have read over the information and I think this will be a fun a creative way to end the semester. I think that everything that we have worked on so far this semester has been a great way to prepare us for whats to come in the last week of the semester.

The first thing that I did was form my twitter poll questions around topics/themes/and ideas that I thought about using for my final mission. I tried to bring so fun and silliness into the questions but will end up incorporating them into a more serious theme. Clearly if you had not noticed from my questions, animals will definitely be involved in my final mission.

The digital media that I plan on using for this mission will definitely be audio, visual and either design or video or both design and video. I have some ideas that I’ve been working on. For the visual aspect of my final mission I plan on snapping some photos of certain “evidence” that goes with my storyline. I was also thinking about using either video or audio to do a recording as a cover just incase the recording falls into the wrong hands. This way it will act as a misdirection and throw the enemy off course. Of course I will be doing all of this as my secret agent Scarlet Jones.

I hope that I was able to entice you a little with the small description of my final mission.  I don’t want to give to much away so you will have to tune back in next week to see how everything turns out. I hope all of the agents out there are finishing up their final mission just a smoothly as I am here.

Over and Out!