Movie Poster Mash up

Two of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. I decided to do these two movies because I feel like Tom Hanks is compared in both of these movies even though they are completely different and he has completely different rolls in each film.

To make this movie poster I found the poster of Hanks from the film Forrest Gump and recreated the name to say Private Gump, combining the two main characters from each film. I was able to change the time of the movie poster by using the Preview application on my desktop.

Something Doesn’t Belong Here

For this assignment I had to take a photo from an iconic movie and add it to another iconic movie photo in a  subtle way. Can you tell what two movies they are? Can you find the thing that doesn’t belong here?

I created my assignment using Because I did the holiday mashup assignment first, I was familiar with Pixlr and was pretty much able to breeze through this assignment. The only thing that I really needed to do was find the two images that I wanted to use and then download them to my desktop. Then I had to adjust their sizes (make them smaller) so that they weren’t so enlarged when  I layered them on Pixlr to create my finished photo.

Holiday Mashup

For this assignment I used to create a photo combination of my three favorite holidays. In case you couldn’t tell, my favorite holidays are halloween, thanksgiving, and Hanukkah.

At first it was hard to figure out. It took me about an hour to learn how to edit the photos and layer the other images on top of the original image. I ended up having to watch 3 different video tutorials. Eventually I was able to figure out how to layer the images to make it look like one image.