Hey y’all! So this projects page is going to be some of my best/ favorite projects from both courses (DGST 101 and Digital Storytelling) from this past semester. I’ve chosen these projects because they are fun, creative, and some of my favorite assignments that I’ve made. Take a look at them and feel free to let me know what you think! (Contact information is located in the About page).

  1. My first project favorite is definitely my gif project. I had never made a gif before and honestly didn’t really know how to. We ended up having to make a gif as one of the potential projects for my DGST 101 class. It was super fun and easy to make. All I did was find the video clip that I wanted to use and uploaded it to  where I was easily able to edit it down to the length that I wanted. Then when it was perfectly edited, I was able to save and download my gif to my desktop and here it is! To see/read more about my first ever gif creation, check out my DGST 101 page!
  2. My second favorite project from this past semester was probably journalism module where I was able to make my very own website which was all about manatees and how we can save them! I loved this project because I got to combine to interest of mine, manatees and journalism. If you click on the link above you can visit my webpage where you can learn a lot of new information on how you can help save the manatee species.
  3. Even though this next assignment wasn’t for Digital Studies 101, it is still one of my favorite projects from the semester. It’s my final mission project from Digital Storytelling. I loved this project because I was able to come up with fun and creative ways to tie in all of the digital media we learned about and practice throughout the semester. I also got to have a fun little photo shoot which you can see by clicking on the link above! If you want to learn more about some of the other projects that I learned took part in during DGST106 then you should check out my digital storytelling blog page on the menu bar!