Agent Stories

I chose to related this theory to the movie Spy Kids. If you were to create a similar line to Spy Kids, it would probably start off rising upwards once the children found out that their parents are spys (I’d be pretty excited myself). The descending moment would be when Juni and Carmen learn that their parents have been kidnapped. Soon after the children are faced with the challenge of rescuing their parents which beings to create another upward shift in the line.  Random falls and rises occur throughout the movie as the Carmen and Juni must tackle several challenges in order to save their parents. However the movie ends on a high note with the kids rescuing their parents.

Week 2 Summary

I really enjoyed week two of the course! I liked being able to explore my creative skills but mostly I liked being able to look at other peoples finished products and use them to help gain some insight and ideas for future projects. I liked seeing all of the different potential assignments I will be able to try in the future. I also really enjoyed the fun and funny daily creates. I thought that a lot of them were good warm up practices for future assignments. This way we could get our feet wet and get an idea of how the rest of the semester will be.

I look forward to seeing the assignments and task for week 3 and getting more and more practice with digital storytelling!

Fan Fiction Picture


I chose the song “Waterfalls” by TLC. As soon as I read the details for this assignment I immediately thought of this photo from a last summer. A few of my best friends go to Virginia Tech, so over the summer our whole friend group went and stayed at their apartment for a long girls weekend and went to hike the famous (for Blacksburg anyways) Cascade Falls. I think that this photo represents the song well because as seen in our facial expressions, waterfalls are not always as picturesque as the may seem 





How Does A Song Make You Feel?

I chose the song “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey for a few reasons. One reason is because this song is always able to brighten my day. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, if i hear this song playing, I’m able to stop what I’m doing and sing and dance along no matter the location. The best part is by far the first introductions when the beat drops and it begins to pump up. Another reasons because over this past Christmas season it sort of became the theme song of my house with all my roommates. We would listen to this song at least 4-5 times a day and have jam out parties while doing our homework or cooking dinner together. I think that this song does a great job of brining people together and helping to lighten any mood!



Weekly Summary

I found my first week of this course to be very confusing. I am a visual learner so not having a lot of demonstrations made me very confused. I ended up going to the DKC for help and they were a big help. I learned how to set up different forms of media that I’ve never used before. I also learned that procrastination in this class is not acceptable! Registering my blog was probably the hardest and most confusing part of this first week. This is also the one task that drove me crazy. It took me almost 3 hours and help from the DKC to figure out the registration process.

I think that this course will be challenging but adventurous at the same time. I think that I will find it challenging from a time management stance  as well as a media stance as I do not consider myself tech savvy. I think that I will eventually get the hang of things and enjoy expanding my creative horizons.


I really enjoyed reading this article by Austin Kleon. I found a lot of his tips to be helpful and inspiring for the upcoming semester of Digital Storytelling. I really enjoyed some of this tips such as #6. Teach What You Know. I think that this tip is very true because your knowledge can help to motivate and inspire others. I really like his point about how teaching others adds value to yourself. I agree with this because it is one thing to know information about a topic, but to be able to teach and convey that message to others is a whole other principle.

I do think that I will be able to apply his message to this course. I think some of his tips are very helpful in being able to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to online media. I think that I can apply these messages by expanding my horizons, helping to share my knowledge with others, and making sure to know my boundaries and limits.


Media Introduction!

Hello classmates! My name is Samantha Levy and I am senior Communications and Digital Studies major from Richmond, Va. I can’t wait for this upcoming semester and getting know y’all better.

I pulled this picture off of flickr to help describe me. I love manatees with a passion. They are my favorite animals. I hope to use my communications degree to work with an outreach group to help the conservation of manatees. I got to experience a similar situation this summer with I traveled to Belize for a month to work with manatee conservation and rehabilitation.  I hope to continue work like this after graduation.

I found this clip on sound cloud of, you guessed it, the ocean. I have a strong love for all things oceans and marine life. I hope to move down south one day and live in a small beach down where I can live by the ocean everyday.

I hope that these media post allow you to gain a bit of a better understand of who I am and what my passions are.

Thanks for reading!