Web Remix

For my web re-design I decided to remix a page for the Eco Dot. I liked this project because it was a fun and different project that I got to experience. I decided to recreate the page for the Eco Dot because it actually is like a buddy in a box. All of the points that I added I feel like are true but are made to sound more extravagant for sales purposes.

I created my page using goggle x-ray. I found that this app was very easy to use. I literally was just able to select the passage that I wanted to edit and make the changes. Then I hit publish. This is a screen shot of my finished paged.

DS106 Ghost

For this assignment I hand to go through the history of DS106 and find an old assignment that I could redo and make my own. I decided to go with the assignment “Love is Something You Can’t Live a Day Without” from the DS106 fall 2016 course. I first found this assignment by googling #ds106 and then going through the assignments from previous semesters. I picked this one in particular because I liked the message that is conveyed.

I was able to turn this assignment into my own by adding a video of myself and local kids that I coach on the local USA Swim Team the RAYS. I am very passionate about swimming (I was once a former college swimmer) and the kids that I coach. What this video is, is me diving into the pool wearing a tutu and clothes because I lost a bet with one of the kids. I told him that if he went a particular time in one of his events I would do something silly, and this is what he chose as my punishment.

I love my job and I love the sport of swimming. I hope you enjoy this video and get a good chuckle out of it!



Dream Room

I loved this assignment! It was super fun for me because I enjoy browsing Pinterest on my spare time and getting ideas for my dream home (since I’m 22 and will be on my own and starting a family soonish). I have pretty simple taste. I like things to look nice and neat but also enjoy bold looks mixed in. I would say that my style is contemporary with a little bit of rustic chic. I like neutral colors but also enjoy a few pastels for tranquility.


I love this style of headboard. I love the big headboards with the tuft fabric. It is cozy and simple but also elegant and timeless.



I definitely want a window seat in my future bedroom. Or at least in on place in my house. I think that they are so calming and cozy. I can totally see myself relaxing with a cup of coffee in the window seat of my bedroom or living room on a rainy saturday morning.


This is the same picture as above but with a different view. I love the colors of the room. I definitely think I will be doing a neutral light blue or grey for my wall color and then using artwork and decorative pieces to bring color to the rest of the room.

Radio Show Reflection

I decided to tune in and listen to the radio show ‘Agents on Air”. I really liked the beginning of the show. I think that they had a great opening hook! I loved the sounds and the music. Great opener. I also loved that they had 4 different agents on the air and used this like talk show platform. I also liked how each agent introduced themselves so that we could learn their personalities and interest. I felt like I was listening to a radio version of The View.

I found that the bumpers and commercials were really cute and catchy! They sounded just like actually radio ads!

Another thing that I liked was that they asked for advice from the other agents. It gave the show a more lifelike appearance. I also liked that they asked for the audience to live tweet their advices to certain agents! What a great way to get the audience engaged.

I really liked Agents on Air. Great job Agent Fawn, Agent Reveal, Agent Zero and Agent, Jones!

Best of DS106

This semester has been filled with talent so far! Every week I like to take a few minutes to look at other class members blog post and see the work that they did for the week. Sometimes it helps to inspire me, and other times I just think that it’s fun to see what my classmates come up with.

There have been a few post that I have noticed throughout the semester that have stood out to me in particular. One of these was Spy Mashup. I thought that the creativity was really there and that it had great detail and technique. I could totally hear some of the themes/sounds from James Bond and other famous spy movies. Another great post was Phone Conversation with yourself. I really liked how Hannah used different accents to distinguish between the two different characters. It gave the piece a fun edge. I also liked the time length of it. I can tell that you really committed to this piece Hannah! The third piece that stood out to me was the Post Card assignment by Daniel. I especially like this one because one of the places my family is talking about visiting next is actually Scotland. So its kind of funny that you did this specific place Daniel. It made me actually want to go there more now!


Overall I think that the class as a whole has done a fantastic job so far this semester. Keep up the great work DS106!

Weekly Summary

Overall I think that week 8 went well! My group finished our radio show and I enjoyed working with a different group of people and learning new digital media projects. My group met twice (one time online via video chat and one time in person) to go over details, style, format and to actually record our parts for the radio show. Each member stepped up and pulled their own weight for the project.

I enjoyed the daily creates this week. I think that I was able to show a little bit more of my personality to the class through the 2 daily creates that I chose to do.

Overall I think that week 8 was a success and I am excited to tackle week 9!

Radio Show Progress 2

This week my group meet once online (google hangout) to video chat about what specific things we want to include in our radio show, details, time frame, and speaking parts. We talked for about 30 minutes planning all of this out. and then set up individual parts to do on our own before me met again in person on wednesday. We met for Wednesday for about 1.15 hours (I had to leave early for work so I recorded my part first) to record the parts. Next we decided who would make bumpers to be inserted into the radio show as well. I made my bumper and sent the file in the group message.

I think that our group worked really well together on the project. Each member had good ideas and contributed to ideas as well as the actual work behind making the radio show. We had good communication and time management skills. I think that our radio show is creative and will be catchy for and audience to listen to. There is a little something for everyone.



Week 7 Summary

This week went pretty good! I enjoyed all of my assignments and daily creates!   My first assignment was the assignment “The Day in the Life..”. In this assignment, viewers will get to learn even more about my character Scarlet Jones and what a typical day in her life would be like. I liked doing this assignment because I sort of used my life long goals and dreams to help create the story line. I guess this would mean that Scarlet Jones is a alter ego of me.

My next assignment was Guess That Song. For this we had to take the words out of our favorite song to see if the audience would be able to tell what song we used. I don’t really have a favorite song so I used one of current top songs “Rockabye”. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to guess.

My third assignment I entitled To Be or Not To Bee. I loved doing this assignment. I have always enjoyed creating poems and I thought that the challenging of using homophones made it that much more fun. I used sound cloud to upload my recording (created in audacity) and then embedded that post into my blog.

For my radio show I created two different blog post. The first one is talking about the progress for this first week of the assignment.  I think that my group is off to a really good start with this assignment. We’ve come up with some good ideas and seem to communicating well together. My second blog post was about the design for the radio show promo that I created.  My team and I had not gotten around to discussing the radio who bumper and or logo so I created one on my own using the name we talked about using “Cloak and Dagger” .

I am excited to see how the rest of the project turns out in the week following spring break. Hope everyone has a great! Spy Out for Week 7!

Radio Show Project Design

This is a logo design that I came up with for my groups radio show project. Our show name is a spiny off and is called Cloak and Dagger. Cloak is coming from the term “Blanket Spying”. I made my design using Preview on my Macbook. This process was pretty easy. I just edited my image and added a text to it. I liked the idea of going black and white for the logo. I think that it is simply but daring and thats why a spy has to be right? We may or may not keep the logo. Or we may just edit it to make it even better. I am excited to see what other ideas my team has come up with!

Radio Show Progress

I think that our radio show is going to be great! My group has been collaborating all week on some cool ideas for our show. We have pretty much come up with the idea to do a segment on mass-survalliance with contrasting old school spy methods and new school spy methods. We have also decided to tie in some random spy trivia facts throughout the segment to give the show a bit more life and draw in some viewers.

We are currently in the process of trying to figure out a time to meet sometime early next week (after spring break). It will be good for us all to get together to plan out a strategy and figure out details for the project. Other then our name and idea, we don’t have much at the moment so it will be good to start planning out trivia questions and commentary for the radio show.

Even though we have not really started researching and working the the show itself, I can tell that this is going to be a fun, out of the box, group project. I am looking forward to doing a new style of work and expanding my horizon. I don’t know a whole lot about spy’s, other then the few random spy movies I’ve seen, so I’m eager to broaden my spy knowledge and learn to trivia facts in order to make our radio show the best show that it can be!