Least Favorite Memory

This video is a video of my roommate recalling her least favorite memory while living in our current off campus house. The incident she talks about in the video happened about 2-3 weeks ago. We have always known that our neighbor was a jerk, but never knew he would take something like a friend using 2 feel of his driveway to make a 3 point turn into such a massive deal.

This video was filmed on my phone. I was then able to send it to my desktop where I downloaded it and embedded the video into this blog post. It was actually sort of fun to make this video with my roommate because we talk about this incident all the time and make a lot of jokes about it so we were able to have a good laugh over having to recall this memory.


Tribute to Something I love

So this video is paying homage to something that I love…ANIMALS!! If you can’t tell by the photos in this iMovie presentation, I am obsessed with almost every animals, especially puppies.

I made this video using iMovie. I made a small collection on my laptop desktop, of some of my favorite animal photos. A lot of them are also college memories that are  also able to be seen in another project that I posted earlier. I liked doing this assignment because I was able to show case some of my favorite obsessions.

I also found that this video helps to display what secret agent Scarlet Jones does everyday, which is work with animals. Being a veterinarian, Agent Jones handles dogs, cats, goats, horses, and yes one time she even worked with a giraffe.  This video helps to provide an insight into the daily life of secret agent Scarlet Jones.

College Collage

For this assignment I decided to do the College Collage project. This assignment was worth 4.5 stars.

I started by collecting a bunch of my favorite college photos from my phone and old Facebook photos. I tried to get a variety of pictures with the most important people in my life. I also tried to incorporate different activities, events and interest that I had during my four years of college.

Some of the issues and difficulties I had with creating this assignment was trying to figure how to stop iMovie from zooming in and out on photos. Because of this certain photos aren’t as visible and you can’t see certain parts of the photos. I also couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures from having a grey tint to them.

I really enjoyed making this video because I got to relive memories and see some old faces that I haven’t seen in a few years since freshman year of college. I hope y’all like me video!


Week 10 Summary

Week 10 is complet! I didn’t know what really to expect this week. I decided to chose the option of doing the video assignments over another group project simply because it fit better with my schedule. So for my first video assignment I did the 1 Second Video assignment. I like this assignment because it allowed me to show what its like for me on a typical Thursday night, having to chose between homework and the new Grey’s Anatomy. Clearly with Grey’s Anatomy winning. For my second assignment I did the Angles Software assignment. I found this assignment to be useful because I think it will help to aid others when learning how to do certain task for their projects. For my final video assignment I chose to do the Movie Review  option. I liked this assignment because it was fun to play movie critic for a day.

I also had to do an agent interview assignment where I answered a series of 7 questions as my secret agent character. This assignment was fun and something different that we haven’t done so far this semester. My final assignment for the week was the video essay assignment. I liked being able to read the articles that went along with this project. They helped me to learn some new features and techniques that are involved in creating the perfect video.

Video Interview

I actually really enjoyed doing this project. I liked being able to pick my own interview questions. My favorite question was which red animal would I be? I also enjoyed being asked the questions by the different DS106 professors. I thought that it was a fun twist on the course.

I tried to pick a variety of different questions to try and mix it up some. I also tried to pick questions that showed a little bit of my personality. I hope this video helps to give you a better glimpse into the life of Agent Scarlet Jones.



Video Essay

For this assignment I decided to use the trailer for the 2007 movie Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew is one of my favorite spies of all time and I think that my secret agent character and her connect in a lot of way. I used the techniques learned about after reading the articles posted in the assignment page. I thought that it may be over whelming to focus on all of the techniques listed so I decided to focus on a few in particular. One of those being angles. I showed clips of up close angles as well as over the shoulder angles and explained how and why these techniques can be effective in a movie. I also focused on lighting and how the lighting can provide contrast  and also cut and angle when the director wants it to focus on something in particular.

I enjoyed reading the articles posted on the assignment  page. I think that it provided a great inside source of what it takes to make movies and shows. Things that I never even knew or considered. I found the examples that were provided to us very helpful and insightful.


IMG_6210 copy

Movie Review

For my final assignment I decided to do the Plinkett Review assignment. However instead of reviewing a movie, I decided to review a TV show instead. I decided to review the TV show Gilmore Girls, which is a shocker because everyone loves Gilmore Girls but surprisingly I don’t. I outlined some reasons why I am not a fan of the show in my videos which are uploaded at the bottom of this blog post, but pretty much the main reasons are the fast talking and the monolog acting and talking. It makes the show so bland to me.

When doing this project, I just found a video on Youtube that provided some good examples of the reasons listed about, played them on my computer and then paused them after the example was shown and from their, gave my critics. I am no where near a movie critic, so my judgments may be a little out there but thats the nice thing about this sort of assignment, its all based on personal opinions.

I liked being able to explain my reasonings and provide a few examples of why I am not a fan. I hope that y’all are able to clearly see my critics and why I feel that way. Enjoy the videos!



Software Angel

For this assignment I decided to do a video of how to use the Preview tool. I found this very helpful through the course so far. I used the Preview tool mostly for creating daily creates that involved word creates. I liked using Preview because it was very easy and simple to navigate and had all of the tools and features that I needed to make my creations.

I think that these videos will be helpful for an audience who has never used Preview before. I feel like I was able to cover all of the basics and show the audience which tools to use for what purpose. I had to create my video into two separate videos for the sake of storage on my phone. I hope you find them useful!



1 Second Video

For this assignment I made a one second video of what a typical Thursday night at my house looks like, me trying to do my assignments while watching the new Greys Anatomy which ultimately results in me giving up on the homework until the new episode is over.

I decided to this as my story because it is an accurate depiction of what my Thursdays are like. I also felt like it would be easy to depict and for viewers to easily understand. I think that my message is clear and understandable for viewers even if they have never seen Greys Anatomy.



Week 9 Summary

This week went well. I was a little worried at first that that the web remix assignment would be a little difficult. But it was actually pretty simple and fun to do! I used the X-ray googles tool to edit and create my page. For the Web design projects I decided to do the Dream Room assignment. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to use Pintrest which is every girls favorite pastime. I loved being able to express my taste and interest when it comes to my dream home. I think that it allowed the class to experience a little more of what I am like. My other web assignment creation was the DS106 Ghost assignment. I had to go and find old DS106 assignments and recreate them to fit my personality and put my own touch on the assignment. I got to show off my wonderful job in this assignment which I am glad that I got to do. I also enjoyed the Best of DS106 assignment. I loved being able to go back and look at other classmates assignments and pick 3 of my favorites. I am glad that I got to give credit and praise when it was due for all of the hard work the entire class as put forth this semester. Lastly I  posted a blog about my reflection for the radio show Agents on Air. I won’t write what my thoughts about the radio show was, since that is reflected in the blog post itself. However I enjoyed being able to write about the great work that was put forth by this group. I enjoyed listening to their radio show and hearing the differences between their show and my show Cloak and Dagger. Great work everyone!