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Fun Facts!

  • Leatherback sea turtles can travel up to 10,000 miles in a single year.
  • Sea otters have the dentist fur in the animal kingdom with 1 million hairs a square inch.
  • Manatees have finger nails which help them as they travel along the marshy sea floor.
  • Dolphins have 2 stomachs (1 for storage and 1 for digestion).
  • Green sea turtles can stay underwater for up to 5 hours.
  • Sea turtles have glands that help them excrete excess salt from their eyes making them appear as though they are crying.
  • Unlike human brains that have folds going in and out, manatee brains are smooth.
  • Sea otters often sleep holding paws to help keep them from drifting apart.
  • The front teeth of dolphins work as antennas picking up sounds that bounce back during echolocation.
  • Dolphins are able to recognize themselves in mirror making them self aware.
  • If a sea otters fur becomes dirty, it has trouble obsessive the air which keeps them warm. This results in them be obsessive about the cleanliness of their fur.
  • The closest living relative to a manatee is the elephant (both have trunks, rough skin, teeth that are always replaced and toe nails).